02 November 2008

cowboys...what happened!?!

I spoke before about the cowboy woes.the main problem I saw was tony romo.romo was their greatest strength,and their greatest weakness.he has been the teams problem all along.the boys have gone as far as they are going tongi with romo as quarterback.coach Phillips does not have what it takes to coach this team to be superbowl contenders,let alone champions.there is a reason why players are players,and coaches,coaches.players cannot self coach themselves.Phillips,having inherited this team,is choosing to be a "players" coach,than the "team" coach.which is also pat ofthe reason why they are in the situation they are in.don't believe me.look at what parcells has done with the dolphins.from the basement to the penthouse.in his first season as dolphin GM.back to romo.there was a reason why he went undrafted.this is it.some quarterbacks are just meant to be backups.they play their best football coming in off the bench.they just don't have what it takes to keep it going all season long.it's okay,he's not alone.you also have QB's like grossman,leinert,and others.I won't name them all.but romo is not alone.it is also nothing to be ashamed of.when all is said and done.the cowboys really have only two choices to make.1). start investing time,money,draft picks in finding a new QB.2). get a new headcoach with huevos enough to be the player's coach,not friend.

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